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The "Blood Diamond" Strap

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For some people a submariner was a must have watch when Sean Connery sported one as James Bond, for me it was more recent. When I saw the Leonardo's character Archer sporting a Breitling Titanium Avenger with dark oiled strap in Blood Diamonds I knew that was the one for me. Well I didn't have the Avenger Chrono but possibly the next best thing. I had a Titanium Seawolf so this would work just fine due to the same case design and material.
Looking at a number of still photos from the movie it appears as a beautiful patina brown with natural colored stitching. Obviously padded just like the OEM Breitling straps.
So.....I went to work to duplicate my favorite watch combo from the movie. My very own blood diamond movie watch.

Here are the results.

I'll call it the Blood Diamond Strap. Enjoy!!!

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SNPR Leather Works Blood Diamond

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