The Story

Leather is a wonderful medium for an artist to work with.  Its a material like wood that is alive.  Not only can it be shaped it into a work of art that tells the story of the artist using it but it already has a story of its own.  Leather comes with its past tattooed and scarred.  Boldly displayed for everyone to see.  The true artist does not force the leather into the way he wants it but rather works with it and encourages it to show the various treasures offered.

The artist must flow with the work making sure each step compliments the beauty of the hide used.  Showcasing if you will the various grains and color deformities.  I do my best to seach everywhere for the best material available.  World famous Horween Hides from Illinois, Hermann Oak from St. Louis, vintage material from Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria.  Cork from Portugal and Alligator from the Florida everglades.  Regardless of the origins, it all ends up in front of me right here in the USA to create with it leather works that will travel the road with you.  They will tell your story with each scratch and dent you place on them.  Try not to look upon them as damage but rather beauty which makes each piece special to only you.

Joe D'Agostino / Maker