New Ideas

      Im always trying to explore this endless craft that is leatherwork.  I find that by attempting new designs and branching out into other avenues only helps my strap making reach a whole new level.  I strive to offer American Handmade Leather Works of exceptional quality using the best material available.  Everything goes through a testing phase to make sure it can earn its place.  My latest project is the tablet cross shoulder bag.  Enough room for an iPad sized tablet in a tough case as well as a notebook or two and some magazines.  There is still work to be done on this piece such as fitting the cross strap and pockets but you can certainly get the idea of where this is heading.  These bags are handmade right here in the USA by me alone, not in a town somewhere that no one knows the name of.  Cut from a single side of %100 Horween Chromexcel from Chicago, Illinois.  Enjoy!!!



Why not add a watch and strap to the pic

photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG