Bronze Fever

Yes its out there so join the fun.  While it would be nice to pick up a Panerai 382 I realize not everyone wants to mortgage the house to get one.  Relax there are alternatives that will get you in on the action and will not cost you five digits.  Then the fun begins when pairing that beautiful new Bronze (or Brass) with the perfect strap.  In my opinion if your dealing with a watch that will patina and show age over time such as bronze or brass why not match it with a strap that will do the same.  Here are a few pics to help you along.

What we have here is a variety of Oil Tanned straps that can withstand the daily abuse as well as water submersion.  Your wearing a dive watch so go dive with it.  Don't worry about your strap falling apart or becoming damaged.  I've tested oil tanned straps in water for 12 hours with no issues at all.


Below Shown on the Helson 45 Bronze is a padded Horween Black in the Derby Series of leathers.  Water resistant as well and no crazy fillers.  My straps are built to last and to withstand a beating.  The padded straps I offer are only padded with the same leather your strap is made from.  I stitch each strap with #207 or Government 3 Cord which is used for Weapon cases, Holsters, Horse saddles and considered Heavyweight.  Its probably overkill for watchbands but I like it and I trust it.