Faraldi Box Project

SNPR with yet another project.  I am fortunate again to be surrounded by creative individuals who helped me design a high end custom watch box.  Now I realize this isn't everyones cup of tea but some may enjoy it especially if you can look at it in the sense of american made craftsmanship all done by hand.  This box was made by a local woodwoker named Joe Faraldi who before I got my hooks into him was making guitar pedal boxes.  I suggested making some boxes for me that can be of presentation grade.

This Box is made from various types of wood such as Tiger Maple and Mohangany.  This particular box has six slots that can hold a single strap or multiples layed on their side.

After receiving some feedback about the project I think reconfiguring the box to allow for watch storage along with straps as well as a small buckle or tool compartment maybe the way to go if the interest is there.  This one however is exactly as I wanted it because it will hold six very special straps when it is shipped out to a very special client.
I also would like to thank my good friend Vincent Damiano for once again his expertise with the camera.

Thank you All