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SNPR BiFold Wallet

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The SNPR Bifold Wallet is made from three different premium grade leathers.  This was done with a purpose after testing several designs. Each leather serves a certain purpose.  First the outer shell is made from Horween 5oz Derby or Dublin Leather and each has its own look.  This gives the wallet an overall look of quality you would expect from Horween.  The Horween is backed by premium tan Pigskin hide which has a wonderful grain and suede feel.  I also helps your cards glide from the pockets and not compromise the fold of the wallet.  Last is the Oil Tanned Leather Pockets.  I choose oil tanned leather because it is a tough as nails leather that can conform to the contents you plan to use but will not over strech in time like other leather can.  Everything is stitched with #207 Nylon Bonded Cord.

 Other makers simply give you a Horween shell with two horween pockets inside which overtime leave you with a deformed wallet.

Other colors available soon. Example shown in Derby Brown Nut

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